Mike Lopez is a Graphic Designer & Art Director who believes that good design is good for your business. With over 20 years of professional experience, he expertly designs distinct brand identities, develops compelling campaigns, and delivers client-winning presentations. Mike creates logos, lettering and illustrations custom-made for your brand, company, event or organization so you can reach your ideal clients, customers and audience. He can help you transform your vision into visual language, illustrate information to convey a story, and bring your brand ideas to life.
Get in touch for creative design consultation and custom graphics for a variety of applications including: apparel and accessories, product packaging and labels, signage, environments, posters, interfaces, websites, book covers, and video titles.
Use the contact form or email: info@designermike.art to discuss your brand marketing and business needs.
Mike Lopez
Graphic designer /
Studio Owner
PUBLISHED: Typism Book 4 (2018)
SPEAKING:  Cool Concept, Toronto Design Directory at Shopify, Toronto (2/2/2019)
EXHIBITED:  Swash & Serif Show in Toronto (2016, 2017, 2018)
INTERVIEWS: The Moo Blog - These Business Cards are just our type [SCROLL DOWN after jump]
@MOO Instagram Stories - Font Influencer Campaign 
Follow my lettering and illustration work on Instagram @designermike #designermikeart
Clients include:
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