Mike Lopez
Graphic Designer


Hello there! I’m Mike Lopez, a graphic designer and creative consultant in Toronto. I love turning ideas into eye-catching, bold, and stylish visuals. Collaborating with forward-thinking businesses and image-savvy brands, I help bring their ideas to life and achieve their goals through design.
With over two decades of experience, I’ve honed my skills in crafting designs that resonate with people. This expertise has been instrumental in helping clients elevate their brands and achieve remarkable transformations in their businesses.
Collaboration is at the heart of my creative process. By actively engaging with clients and understanding their objectives, I create concepts that not only enhance their image but also align with their overarching business goals. My diverse clientele, ranging from major corporations to small businesses and cultural organizations across various industries, has taught me to tailor bespoke designs that convey unique narratives.
I’m dedicated to excellence in every phase of the design process, from initial concept to final execution. I meticulously refine every detail to consistently exceed expectations. Whether it’s print or digital media, I am well-versed in managing all aspects of design to ensure the highest quality and a professional touch.
Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I invite you to explore my work and see how my creative expertise can make a difference for your business. Use the contact form or email: info@designermike.art to get in touch and let’s create something extraordinary together.
PUBLISHED: Typism Book 4 (2018)
SPEAKING:  Cool Concept, Toronto Design Directory at Shopify, Toronto (2/2/2019)
EXHIBITED:  Swash & Serif Show in Toronto (2016, 2017, 2018)
INTERVIEWS: The Moo Blog - These Business Cards are just our type [SCROLL DOWN after jump]
@MOO Instagram Stories - Font Influencer Campaign 
Follow my lettering and illustration work on Instagram @designermike #designermikeart
Clients include:
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