Designer Mike is the owner of Michael Lopez Design. We are a studio in Toronto, Canada specializing in graphic design and lettering with genuine craftsmanship, style and purpose. Since 2015, we have created logos and lettering for a broad range of clients. These include agencies, small businesses to corporate clients, and cultural organizations. Through design we help our clients bring their brands to life and transform their communications into compelling graphic expressions.
Our work draws on lettering traditions in calligraphy, kustom graphics, sign painting, and graffiti. Using digital and analogue tools we design lettering for a variety of applications. 
Why hand-lettering? Lettering can convey a sense of personality and character that typical fonts can not. Many of our clients seek corporate signatures or bespoke monograms to distinguish their brand. A truly distinct result requires skills in calligraphy and an understanding of nuances in typography, inimitable by automated software. Lettering also works for unique spaces in label or packaging design where fonts have limited flexibility. And its handcrafted nature suggests an inherent familiarity and warmth, as well as values of quality and tradition. These characteristics make lettering stand apart from the crowd of computer fonts that surround us. Whether seen online, out in the world, on your walls or clothes, people are naturally drawn to hand-lettered design.
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Mike Lopez, Owner/Artist
PUBLISHED: Typism Book 4 (2018)
SPEAKING:  Cool Concept, Toronto Design Directory at Shopify, Toronto (2/2/2019)
EXHIBITED:  Swash & Serif Show in Toronto (2016, 2017, 2018)
INTERVIEWS: The Moo Blog - These Business Cards are just our type [SCROLL DOWN after jump]
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