Mike Lopez
Graphic Designer


Greetings! My name is Michael Lopez and I am a skilled graphic designer based in Toronto, offering expertise in brand marketing design. I love helping small businesses, big brands, and cultural organizations reach their goals by creating eye-catching visual solutions through design, lettering and illustration that elevate their identities and captivate their target audiences.
Drawing from my extensive experience in the field, I’ve gained an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by a diverse range of clients. I take a strategic approach to my work, crafting designs that align with their brand vision, effectively communicate their message, and drive meaningful engagement.
Whether it's developing memorable logos, designing cohesive marketing materials, or creating visually stunning campaigns, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional results that leave a lasting impression. Collaborating closely with my clients, I ensure that every project is tailored to their specific needs and objectives, resulting in designs that stand out from the competition.
I invite you to explore my portfolio, where each project showcases my commitment to excellence and my dedication to the art of design. I am confident that you will find inspiration in the blend of creativity and craftsmanship evident in each piece.
Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to the opportunity of bringing your brand’s vision to life through striking and thought-provoking graphic expressions. Feel free to reach out using the contact form or email: info@designermike.art and let’s work together!
PUBLISHED: Typism Book 4 (2018)
SPEAKING:  Cool Concept, Toronto Design Directory at Shopify, Toronto (2/2/2019)
EXHIBITED:  Swash & Serif Show in Toronto (2016, 2017, 2018)
INTERVIEWS: The Moo Blog - These Business Cards are just our type [SCROLL DOWN after jump]
@MOO Instagram Stories - Font Influencer Campaign 
Follow my lettering and illustration work on Instagram @designermike #designermikeart
Clients include:
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