As a young hip hop fan, I was hooked on the Wu Tang Clan's 36 Chambers. Their combined talent and unique style left no rivals. Out of all the members, Method Man stood out to me the most with his energetic flow and distinct voice.
Years later, my admiration for Method Man and the Wu-Tang Clan translated into creative inspiration. Through the power of social media, I shared my artwork with Mef and his team at Tical Official, never imagining it would lead to collaboration.
I was more than thrilled when Tical Official approached me, licensing my designs under my cannabis-focused brand, KHRONZILLA, for their apparel line. In October 2020, the collection launched and was made available for a limited time on their online store.
I never would have thought that my love for Method Man and the Wu Tang Clan's music would lead to this opportunity. It just goes to show the power of following your passions and sharing your work to connect with others.

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