I made art for my rap superhero. The 16-year-old me would have never imagined seeing his lettering art and design on one of the most revered rappers and head masters of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.
Taking Into Consideration All Lives, "Tical," the iconic expression of the one and only Method Man. As a kid hooked on hip hop, the Wu Tang Clan's 36 Chambers was the freshest and deadliest display of word play my friends and I, along with the rest of the world, had ever heard. They formed like Voltron and wielded tongues to take heads off mics with no rivals to match their combined force. Out of the whole clan, Mef was the one I connected with the most. His style, voice and flow got me. And that energy has kept me inspired my whole life since. 
A testament to the power of social media, I had created this piece originally out of pure inspiration and love for the music and posted it. Being a follower of the new Tical Official brand, I noticed a call out to celebrate with Tical... so I did, by reposting this piece and tagging them as a response. They commented. I replied and we got to talking. 
Licensed under KHRONZILLA™ by Tical Official this original hand-lettered script design, inspired by the music and lyrics of Method man, was used to launch a brand apparel line of merch for Method Man’s Tical Official cannabis brand. Released October 2020. Available now at buytical.com

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