A hand-lettered logo design and illustration was created for fresh sushi and sake restobar, Swish. The owner wanted a logo that conveyed the playful and modern atmosphere of the establishment, as well as the high-quality and authenticity of their dishes.
I began by sketching out several hand-lettered options, experimenting with different lettering styles and layouts. I worked closely with the owner to understand their vision and incorporate their feedback into the design process.
After several rounds of revisions, we settled on a hand-lettered design that featured the restaurant's name in a bold, brush style. I also created an illustration of a koi fish in an S-shape, which added a playful personality and visually appealing element to the logo.
The final design was well-received and helped to establish the Swish Sushi & Sake Bar brand identity as a modern, welcoming and high-quality establishment. My hand-lettered style added a personal touch and helped to set the restobar apart from its competitors.
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