Paper Plus Cloth is an online retailer based in Toronto that specializes in rare Japanese Washi tapes and stationery goods. The owner was eager to update the image of her new storefront and wanted a logo that reflected the vintage and hand-craft aesthetic of her brand, as well as worked as a stamp seal for branding packaging and shipping labels. Initially, the owner turned to online design templates for a quick solution, but as the business gained success in its first year, she wanted to reevaluate the current logo and slowly transition to a new design that maintained recognition among customers.
Working with the current design as a starting point, I sought to improve the visual form and legibility at small sizes. I began by organizing the letters and spaces, adding an open scissors icon and trimmed ribbon icon to convey a sense of crafting. Then I applied the shop’s existing licensed brand fonts and worked to define an aesthetically pleasing hierarchy of information, creating a textured imprint of information with a balanced rhythm. Through this process, I was able to carve away at clutter and create a more cohesive design.
Fonts licensed by client from Hustle Supply Co., via
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