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Muaythaipros started out as a blog focused on sharing their knowledge and passion for the martial art of Muay Thai. Over time, the site grew in popularity and became known as one of the most informative and authentic resources for learning and improving in the sport.
As the team at Muaythaipros began reviewing and covering various brands of training equipment and gear, they noticed a gap in the market for high-quality, functional products that truly met the needs of Muay Thai practitioners. This sparked the idea for them to create their own brand of training gear.
After developing their inaugural line of equipment, Muaythaipros approached me to create a new identity for the brand that would help launch their products and bring them to market. I was inspired by the fierce and focused energy of Muay Thai fighters, and wanted to capture this in the design.
To reflect the no-frills, minimalistic style of Muaythaipros and their attention to craft, I created a look combining custom block caps paired with action-oriented lettering and illustrative style. By using strong, bold block letterforms juxtaposed with an irreverent hand-style, my aim was to capture the controlled, calm ferocity of a skilled fighter in the face of the savage energy of the ring.
The new identity was a success, and I was commissioned to created a refreshed Muaythaipros logo as well as designs for graphic apparel. The resulting work helped Muaythaipros establish their brand as a leader in the world of Muay Thai training gear.
“Mike is a talented designer who has a gift for crafting designs unique to each brand. I recommend Mike for any logo designs, artwork, t-shirt designs, or any custom images needed for your brand.” ~Stephen Kong, Founder, Muay Thai Pros
Muay Thai Pros Graphics Package by
Muay Thai PROS, MTP Fight Gear brand graphics set
Original sketch logo explorations for MTP Fight Gear apparel, equipment and merchandise
(Photos by Sarah Showell, courtesy of client)
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