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Muay Thai Pros, initially a blog dedicated to sharing Muay Thai expertise, evolved into a premier resource for enthusiasts seeking authentic insights and training guidance. Recognizing a gap in the market for top-tier, purpose-built gear, Muay Thai Pros ventured into creating their own line.
Engaging me to craft a compelling brand identity for MTP Fight Gear, I drew inspiration from the intense spirit of Muay Thai. To encapsulate Muay Thai Pros’ minimalist ethos and the ferocity of skilled fighters in the ring, I fused clean custom block letterforms with action-oriented, raw hand-lettering.
The success of the new identity led to further collaboration, including a refreshed Muay Thai Pros logo and graphic apparel designs. This collective effort played a pivotal role in positioning Muay Thai Pros as a frontrunner in the realm of Muay Thai training gear.
“Mike is a talented designer who has a gift for crafting designs unique to each brand. I recommend Mike for any logo designs, artwork, t-shirt designs, or any custom images needed for your brand.” ~Stephen Kong, Founder, Muay Thai Pros
Muay Thai Pros Graphics Package by
Muay Thai PROS, MTP Fight Gear brand graphics set
Original sketch logo explorations for MTP Fight Gear apparel, equipment and merchandise
(Photos by Sarah Showell, courtesy of client)
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