Our team was hired to create a unique hand-lettered logo for a new bocce-themed dining and entertainment venue named Lob in Toronto. The client desired a logo that would convey a fun and laid-back atmosphere while also appearing sophisticated and visually appealing.
To begin the design process, we had a briefing session with the client to gather information on the target audience, location of the venue, and overall concept for the business. The next step was a brand audit to study the competitive market and determine the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s brand idea within it. Based on our findings and research, I developed several hand-lettered logo concepts to ensure a distinct design. For the design itself, I drew inspiration from the name of the venue and the action of lobbing a bocce ball that the name expressed.
After reviewing the merits of each concept, the client agreed with our recommendation and the logo was further refined to completion. The finished product successfully captured the desired casual and sophisticated atmosphere of the venue. The client was thrilled with the final logo and used it to brand their entire business, including signage, menus, and promotional materials.
The hand-lettered logo helped Lob to stand out in the competitive Toronto market and attract a strong customer base. The business has since been successful, and we received positive feedback from the client and the public.
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