Instant® Brands enlisted my expertise to craft the title logo and graphic elements for their YouTube cooking video series featuring celebrity chefs. They wanted a logo aligning with the series' theme and tone while reflecting the broader brand identity.
We began with a strategic discussion on brand goals, followed by a deep dive into audience preferences and the series theme. Leveraging this insight, I presented several logo concepts, merging visual elements and typography to harmonize with both the series theme and Instant®’s distinctive style.
Through iterative revisions and constructive feedback, we honed in on a final design featuring a bold, modern font that encapsulated the essence of the series. Complementary graphic elements, including consistent lower-thirds, reinforced the logo’s aesthetic.
The well-received design played a pivotal role in YouTube promotion, featuring prominently in opening and closing credits throughout the series. Garnering 250K to 1.1M views per episode, the design not only engaged millions of viewers but also significantly contributed to the series’ success.
You can watch the series here:
Title screens for An Instant with Chef series featuring chefs Ming Tsai, Stephanie Izard, and Hawa Hassan

Title logo design concept development samples

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